Se você quiser participar da "Flotilha da Paz" inscreva-se

21/09/2010 14:05

 Aqui estão as instruções para participar da Flotilha da Paz que partirá de Chipre para Gaza, duração 3 semanas. Será só de brasileiros, como é necessário o conhecimento da língua inglesa, não fiz a tradução para brasileiros que desejam participar.



Dear Potential Passenger,

Thank you for your interest in travelling to the Gaza Strip aboard by one of the Freedom Flotilla boats. Currently, travelling to Gaza is restricted by the Israeli government, and Gaza itself is suffering from a serious humanitarian crisis caused by the Israeli bombings and blockade. Our ships are attempting to overcome Israeli violence and oppression through civil resistance and non-violent direct action, as well as an effort to maintain and build upon solidarity campaigns with the people of Gaza.

What you should know 

“Travelling with us to Gaza may require a substantial commitment on your part, both in time and money. You will be responsible for all of your personal expenses (food, accommodations, et al). Because of potential and unpredictable problems stemming from the political situation, logistical issues, and the weather - we cannot guarantee an exact departure date from either Cyprus or Gaza. Even though we may only be in Gaza for a few days, we ask all passengers to plan for at least a 3-week commitment of their time. Additionally, please be aware that Freedom Flotilla passengers who have chosen to remain in Gaza beyond our departure have had great difficulty in exiting on their own through either the Erez or Rafah border crossings. “Travelling with us to Gaza can be physically and emotionally strenuous. Depending on which ship you are on, we could be at sea for up to 30 hours in rough weather conditions. In the past, many of our passengers have suffered from extreme seasickness. “Travelling with us to Gaza is a potentially arrestable action. The Israeli government has previously threatened to stop our ships and arrest all passengers. We have no desire for this to happen, but we could be arrested by Israel at any time during our journey. “Travelling with us to Gaza is potentially life-threatening for several reasons:

Formulário para inscrições esta disponível em:


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